Change cell size with the mouse

To change cell height and width:

1.Place the pointer on the cell border. When placing the pointer on the lower or on the upper border, the pointer will change to arrow_vertical. When placing the pointer on the side borders, the pointer will change to arrow_horizontal.

2.Press the left mouse button and move the pointer until the cell is the size you want. While moving, the border to be modified will be shown as a dashed line:

When the cell size is modified, the width of the whole column (or the height of the whole row) changes as well.

Reducing the height of a row depends on the cell contents. The height will be reduced so that all the existing contents of cells is displayed.

To create cells of different width in one column, use the Merge cells command.

Set the exact cell size

To set the exact cell size:

Click Table > Cell size....

On the Toolbar, click the knpk_resize_cell(Cell size...) button.

In the Cell Size window, set the parameters in one of the following ways:

Use the knpk_more_less_cell buttons in the Width and Height boxes. Every click changes the size by 0.1 inches.

Enter the values manually.

The selected value in the Width and/or Height box extends to all cells of the column where the selected cell is located or to all cells of the row where the selected cell is located.

When selecting a range of cells, the values of width and height are assigned to all cells of the range.
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