If you want to add a table of contents to your document, you need to add headings to its main logical parts and format these headings using the specific styles.

To add a table of contents:

1.Apply the respective styles to the headings.

2.Place the pointer where you want to insert the table of contents.

3.On the Insert menu, select Table of contents. Or click knpk_insert_sidebar Insert > Table of contents on the Sidebar.

Default formatting is applied to the table of contents. You can change the font and paragraph properties (except for lists and styles) for the table of contents, if necessary. Formatting applies to the entire table of contents; you cannot change the layout of individual parts of the table of contents.

Formatting the table of contents is similar to formatting the main text of the document, except the option to use knpk_copy_formatCopy Formatting.

To format the table of contents, select it by left-clicking the table of contents.

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