In MyOffice Text, page numbers are set in the header or the footer area. For more information about header and footer, see Header and footer.

To add page numbers into a document:

1.Start in one of the following ways:

Click Insert > Page number.

Click knpk_insert_sidebar Insert button on the Sidebar and select Page number.

Enter the header and footer editing mode and click Page number.

2.In the opened window, select the following settings:

Format: Select the page numbering type (numbers, letters).

Start at: Enter the number which will be the first when numbering pages, or select this number using the knpk_more_less buttons (for letters, enter the character sequence number).

Position: Select the position of page numbers by clicking the respective template.

Show on the first page: Select this option to display the page number on the first page of the current document.

You can adjust headers and footers at the same time as you manage page numbering.

Disable page numbering

To disable page numbering, switch off the Show page numbers button in the Page Number window and click ОК.

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