Headers and footers are the top and the bottom part of the document which can contain text and graphical elements, such as page numbers, company logo, or chapter titles.

In MyOffice Text, you can insert the following elements into headers and footers:





Page numbers

To add elements into headers and footers:

1.Enter the header and footer editing mode in one of the following ways:

Click Insert > Header and footer.

On the Sidebar, click knpk_insert_sidebar Insert and select Header and footer in the opened tab.

Place the pointer on the top or bottom part of the document and double-click this area when the pointer changes to coursor_footer.

2.Add the desired element (text, image, table or page number) into the active area.

3.Click footer_header_done. Or click anywhere on the document outside the header and footer area with the mouse.

You can adjust the page numbering at the same time as you manage headers and footers.
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