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MyOffice Text allows you to compare different versions of the same text file. The Compare with feature is supported for the following file formats: .docx, .odt, .xodt.

The following changes made to a document are available for comparison:

Added and deleted text fragments.

Added, deleted, and edited tables.

The following items are not available for comparison:

Table of contents

Header and footer contents



Text and audio comments

Page breaks and section breaks

Text and paragraph formatting

These elements and properties are transferred from the compared copy of the document to the comparison file without changes.

To compare the documents:

1.Open the document you want to compare with the original one.

2.Specify the original document. In the Command menu, click Tools > Compare with (beta). In the window that opens, select the desired file.

A document with comparison results will be displayed in the new application window. It contains:

Added and deleted text fragments displayed in the track changes mode.

Each table whose content or structure is changed displayed as two tables: one deleted (highlighted in red) and another one added (highlighted in green).

Added tables highlighted in green.

Deleted tables highlighted in red.

You can work with a document that contains comparison results the same way you would work with any other document.

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