You can add notes to the cells of a spreadsheet. When you edit a document in collaboration, you can share comments with colleagues using notes without affecting the content of the document. Cells with notes are marked with a marker in the upper right corner:


Cell with a note

Create a note

Each note is attached to one cell. The name of the user who created the note is automatically added to the note.

To create a note, follow the steps below:

1.Execute the command to create a note in one of the following ways:

Select the cell. In the Command menu, select Insert > Note.

Select the cell. On the Toolbar, in the Insert section, click the t_more button. On the insert pane that appears, click the t_insert_note Note button.

Select the cell with the right mouse button and execute the Add Note context menu command.

2.In the note window:

Edit and format the username as needed.

Enter the note text.

3.Press Esc or click another cell to finish creating the note and close it.

Edit or delete a note

You can edit and delete both your own notes and those of other users in the document.

To edit a note, do the following:

1.Click the cell to open it.

2.Enter note editing mode using one of the following methods:

Right-click on the cell and execute the Edit Note context menu command. The cursor will be positioned at the beginning of the first paragraph of the note.

Place the cursor at the desired location of the note manually.

3.Edit the text of the note and, if necessary, the username.

4.Press Esc or click another cell to finish editing the note and close it.

To delete a note, right-click the cell containing the note and select Delete Note in the command menu.

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