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Application: Mail Desktop version

You can delete a contact in the address book or when viewing an incoming/sent message.

To delete a contact in the address book, follow these steps:

1.Select the contact in the address book.

2.Delete the contact in one of the following ways:

Right-click the contact and select Delete from the context menu.

Select the file menu command Edit > Delete Contact.

In the contact info preview area, click delete_message_contact_btnDelete Contact.

3.The Delete Contact dialog box will appear on the screen. Click OK.

To delete a contact while viewing an incoming/sent message, follow these steps:

1.In the preview area of the message, right-click the name of the contact you want to delete.

2.If the contact name is in the address book, select Edit Contact from the context menu.

3.In the Change Contact window, click Delete.

4.In the Delete Contact window, click OK.

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