Use MyOffice internal link tab to select the desired action with the link:

Copy Link : Copy the link to the clipboard.

Send Link via Email: Open the window to enter the email address you want to send the link to.

Send Link via Logos/Send Link via Dialog: Open the window to send the link to the selected contact using Logos or Dialog messengers.


If you choose to send the link by email or using Logos or Dialog messengers, an additional window will open on the screen. Do the following:

1.Enter the names or the email addresses of the users you want to send the link to. Or select the users from the contact list by clicking the knpk_add_contact (Contact list) button.

2.If you want to add a message to a link, enter the message and it will be transmitted to the user with the link.

3.If needed, check the Send a copy to myself box (only displayed when you select Send Link via Email).

4.Click the Send button.

The Send Link via Dialog link and the Start a conversation in Dialog or Go to the conversation in Dialog hyperlinks are available if you have access to the Dialog messenger.
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