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Use MyOffice internal link tab to select the desired action with the link:

Copy link: Copy the link to the clipboard.

Send link via email (displayed if an email client is connected): Open the window to enter the email address you want to send the link to.

Sending the link by mail to the deleted users is not possible.

If you choose to send the link by email, an additional window will open on the screen. Do the following:

1.Enter the names or the email addresses of the users you want to send the link to. Or click knpk_add_contact Contact list and perform the following actions in the opened contact form:

Use the field to search users by email address (the field is available on any tab).

Select users from the list on one of the tabs: Corporate (the tab can be disabled by the MyOffice administrator) or Personal.

Select the contact from the address book using the knpk_add_in_list Add to list button or click Select.

If you select a user from the catalog (rather than from the contact list knpk_add_contact), you can view additional information about them. To do this, hold the cursor over the tab of the desired user, then hover the cursor over the info2 icon.

2.If necessary, hover over the avatar or name of the user to whom you are sending the link to view additional information about the user, or click Details in the pop-up window to view information about the user in MyOffice Contacts application (when integrated with MyOffice Mail).

3.If you want to add a message to a link, enter the message and it will be transmitted to the user with the link.

4.If needed, check Send a copy to myself.

5.Click Send.

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