You can customize unique page settings and headers and footers for each section of the document.

The document consists of a single section by default. To divide a document into multiple sections, separate them from each other with a non-printable character called a section break. For example, to make each chapter a separate section in a document with three chapters, insert a section break after the first and the second chapter in the document.

To insert a section break, follow the steps below:

1.Specify where you want to insert a section break by doing one of the following:

Place the cursor in the place of the document after which you want to insert a section break.

If you need to insert a page break before and after the text fragment, select this fragment first.

2.Insert a section break in one of the following ways:

In the Insert menu, select Section Break.

On the Toolbar, in the Insert section, click t_more. In the insert pane that appears, click t_insert_section_break Section Break.

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