You can configure the following page settings before printing your file:

Page orientation

Page size


You can adjust page setup for the entire document or for its parts. For example, you can choose the Portrait (vertical) orientation for the page with an image or table.

To adjust page setup for a part of the document, start with this:

1.Insert a section break before and after the part of the document you want to adjust the parameters of.

2.Set the cursor. Select the text, partially or entirely, in the desired part of the document.


To change the page setup:

1.Open the Page Setup window in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, click File > Page Setup.

On the Toolbar, select the File section and click the button to the right of the t_file_print Quick Print button. Select the Page Setup command from the drop-down list.

Press shift Shift+command Cmd+P.

2.In the Page Setup window, select the Apply to drop-down list and select the option to apply the parameters to:

This section: Applies all subsequent changes to the selected part of the document separated from the other parts with the section breaks.

Whole document: Applies all subsequent changes to the whole document.

3.In the Orientation section, select the desired page orientation: Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal).

4.In the Paper Size drop-down list, select the size of paper to be used for printing.

5.Adjust the document margins as follows:

To set the same margins for all pages of the document, specify their width in the Top Margin, Bottom Margin, Left Margin, and Right Margin input boxes.

To customize the margins for double-sided printing of a document whose pages will be stapled together (for example, a brochure or book), select the Mirror margins check box. This active setting means that the margins on the left pages of the document will "mirror" the margins on the right pages of the document. In the Top Margin and Bottom Margin box, specify the width of the top and lower margins of the document. In the Inside Margin box, specify the width of the inner margins, which are the margins next to the binding. In the Outside Margin box, specify the width of the outer margins, which are the margins located at the outer edge of the book or brochure.

Mirror margins can only be set for the whole document, but not for a part of it. Therefore, this setting is active if you select Whole document from the Apply to drop-down list.

6.Click ОК.

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