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You can download files and folders from the Cloud to your computer.

To download a file or folder:

1.On the File menu, select Cloud Actions > Download.

2.In the file manager window to the left, select the section containing the file or folder you want to download. The contents of the section will be displayed on the right side.

3.You can filter file types. Click the arrow to the right of the All Files box to open a drop-down list and select the file type you want to display in the section.

4.Select a file or folder that you want to download from the Cloud.

5.In the Path box, specify the folder in which you want to save the selected file or folder.

6.If you want to open the file upon download, select the Open upon completion check box.

7.Click ОК.

If the folder path entered in the Path box is incorrect, the ОК button will be inactive.

If you select a folder, it will be downloaded as a .zip archive. Unpack it using file archiving software.

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