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You can create files or folders directly from MyOffice Text.

To create a file or folder:

1.In the Command menu, click File > Open in Cloud. Or press shift Shift+command Cmd+O.

2.In the file manager of the Cloud, select the section where you want to create a file or folder.

You can create files or folders in the My documents or Shared section.

3.To create a folder, click New Folder. To create a file, click New File.

4.In the window that appears, enter the name of a file or folder and click ОК.

File or folder name should meet the following requirements:

Up to 255 characters.

Can contain (~), (`), (!), (@), (#), ($), (%), (^), (&), (,), (_), (+), (-), (=), ({ }), ([]), (;), ('), (,), (.).

Cannot begin with a dot (.).

The new file or folder will be displayed in the selected folder. The new files are always created in the .xodt format.

To exit the file manager, click ОК.

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