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Application: Table Desktop version

In MyOffice Spreadsheet, you can wrap text within cells to make it easier to view and edit.

By default, the text in a cell is on one line. If a cell contains a large amount of text, specify that the text in that cell should be wrapped. The text will be placed on multiple lines, taking into account the width of the column in which the cell is located. If you change the width of the column, the text in the cell will be wrapped again.

To enable text wrap, do the following:

1.Select the row or column, or cell or range where you want to wrap the text.

2.Wrap the text in one of the following ways:

On the Table menu, select Wrap Text.

On the Toolbar, select the Alignment section and click word_wrap Wrap Text.

To unwrap the text, run one of above commands again.

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