To go to the link, simultaneously press Ctrl and left-click the link. The page will open in your default browser.

Insert a link using a command

To insert a text link, follow the steps below:

1. Select a cell where you want to insert a link.

2. Insert a link in one of the following ways:

On the Insert menu, click Link.

On the Toolbar, click editor_link_icon Link.

Right-click the selected cell and select the Link option from the context menu.

On the Sidebar, click knpk_insert_sidebar Insert > Link.

3. In the Link pop-up window, enter the URL in the URL box.

4. In the Text box, enter the text to be displayed instead of the link.

5. Click the OK button to insert a link or Cancel to cancel the insertion.

To ensure that the link is active, enter its URL and the protocol. For example:

Insert a link directly

You can also insert a link without opening the Link window:

1.Enter the editing mode in the cell where you want to insert a link.

2.Enter the URL.

3.Press Space or Enter.

MyOffice Spreadsheet can automatically recognize and make active the following link types:

You don't need to specify the protocol for these types of links.

Insert multiple links into a cell

MyOffice Spreadsheet allows inserting several active links into one cell. To insert multiple links into a cell, use one of the methods described above.

Edit the hyperlink

To edit a link and the URL text:

1.Select a cell containing the link that you want to edit.

2.On the context menu, select Link.

3.Change the link as you need.

4.Click OK to save the changes or Cancel them.

To copy a link, right-click it and use the Copy link address context menu command.

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