A text file can contain shapes created in MyOffice or using third-party editors.

MyOffice Text allows displaying shapes that are rotated at any angle. If a file uploaded to MyOffice contains shapes rotated at an angle, they will remain so while converting the file and will be displayed as such in MyOffice Text. The selected shape is highlighted with a blue frame.

The function of creating shapes in web versions of MyOffice applications is under development and will be available in the following version of the applications.

In the current version of MyOffice Text, you can perform the following actions with shapes:

Insert a shape.

Move a shape.

Change shape size while keeping its proportions.

Change shape position in the text.

Change shape size without keeping its proportion.

Copy a shape to the clipboard.

Cut a shape to the clipboard.

Insert a shape from the clipboard.

Delete a shape.

A shape can be cut, copied to the OS clipboard, pasted from the OS clipboard, and deleted using the context menu commands.

You cannot perform the following actions:

Resize a rotated shape.

Change the shape rotation angle and cancel the rotation.

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