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In MyOffice Text you can insert a shape into a file. Shapes can be added anywhere in the document, except in the footnote area.

To insert a shape into the document, do the following:

1.Place the cursor where you want to insert the shape.

2.Do one of the following:

In the Command menu, select Insert > Shape.

On the Toolbar, click the more More button. In the drop-down list, select Shape.

3.In the opened sub-menu, select the shape.

To paste a shape previously copied to the clipboard, use one of the following methods:

Right-click in the place where the shape is inserted and select the Paste context menu item.

Position the cursor at the place of inserting the shape and click the insert Paste button on the Toolbar. If the window size does not allow to display the whole Toolbar, the command will be available by clicking the more More button on the Toolbar.

Place the cursor in the place where the shape is inserted and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (command Cmd+V).

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