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In MyOffice Text, you can choose the position of an image relative to the text of the document. By default, the option In line with text is selected when you insert an image.

To open the window containing tools for adjusting the position of an image:

Left-click the image, then select the box containing the current image position on the Toolbar, and select the position from the drop-down list.

Click Format > Image > Wrap text and select the position from the drop-down list.

Right-click the image > select Wrap text from the context menu > select the position from the drop-down menu.

You can choose between the following options:

In line with text: The text ends before the image and continues after it, i.e. the image is included in the text.

Square: The text flows around the image.

Top and bottom: The text ends at the top border of the image and continues after the lower border of the image. If the image is placed along the top or bottom edge of the document, the text only flows around the lower or upper part of the image.

In front of text: The text is placed behind the image which overlaps it.

Behind text: The text is placed above the image and the image becomes the background for the text.

To select the image Behind text, click Изображение in the upper left corner of that image.

The position of the image Behind text can be aligned horizontally (to the left, to the right, to the center of the page) using the horizontal alignment tools on the Toolbar. If the image is not separated from the text with the paragraph indents, the selected alignment type will be also applied to the text located in the same paragraph with the image.

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