Insert image in MyOffice Text

To insert an image:

Click Insert > Image.

Click knpk_insert_sidebar on the Sidebar > Image.

Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (to insert the image previously copied to the clipboard).

You can only insert one file at a time into a document.

The image can be pasted by selecting the Paste command from the context menu. To paste via the context menu, give the browser permission to access the clipboard. If the image was copied to the clipboard as a file, when pasted into the document via the context menu the file name will be pasted, but not the image contained in it.

The Safari web browser below version 13.1 does not support contextual menu insertion.

The Mozilla Firefox web browser does not support pasting via context menu and keyboard shortcuts.

When inserting an image, its size may be adjusted:

If the original image size is equal or less than the page size between horizontal and vertical margins, the image is displayed in its original size after inserting.

If the original image is larger than the horizontal or vertical page size, the image is scaled according to the page size.

The same rules apply to the images inserted into table cells.

Insert image into third-party application file

To insert the image into another editor, copy it from the MyOffice Text document to the clipboard and insert it into the third-party editor file using the commands used in this third-party application.

When inserting an image into a Microsoft Office file, use the Paste Special command. Copy the image separately from the other content in the document, because if you copy the image and text at the same time, only the text will be inserted into the Microsoft Office file.

The image is inserted into the external application file in its original size and converted to .png format. Inserting image properties (text wrapping, resizing, rotation, etc.) are not supported.

Inserting an image into a third-party application is not supported in Mozilla Firefox, Sputnik and outdated Chromium-based browsers.
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