The Quick Actions box is designed for quick execution of commands and quick application of text formatting styles.

To open the Quick Actions box, on the Command menu, select Help > Quick Actions. Or press Ctrl+/.

The Quick Actions box includes:

A list of commands of the Command menu.

A list of in-built or user-defined text formatting styles.

Use one of the following methods to select a command or style from the list:

Scroll to the desired command or style using the mouse wheel or the right vertical scroll bar. Confirm the command/style selection with a mouse click or by pressing Enter.

Start typing the command or style name in the search bar. When the desired command/style appears in the search results, select it with the mouse or keyboard keys:

oLeft-click the command or style line.

oSelect the command or style line with the ↓ and ↑ keyboard keys and press Enter.

The Quick Actions window closes automatically when you execute a command or apply a style. To close a window without selecting a command or style, click anywhere outside that window or press Esc.

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