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Application: Text Desktop version

Working in the Cloud provides the following opportunities:

You can create and edit .xodt files together with your colleagues, and track changes in real time.

You can download, upload, and save the following file types:


Text files






Audio and video files

In the Cloud, you can access the following folders:

My Documents: The folders and files created or uploaded by the user.

Shared: The folders and the files created by other users and shared with you.

Common folders: The folders and files shared by one or several groups or all employees of the company.

Flagged: The folders and files flagged as important by the user.

You can only flag the folder or file as important by using the MyOffice Documents web application.

Recent Files: List of recent documents that the user has opened from the Cloud.

Trash: The files deleted by the user.

To start working in the Cloud, log in to your account.

Log in to the Cloud

To log in to the Cloud, follow these steps:

1.In the Command menu, select File > Cloud Actions > Log In to Cloud.

2.In the Log In to Cloud window that appear, enter your login credentials:

Login: The email address that you used when registering with MyOffice.

Password: The password that you used when registering with MyOffice.

Server: The server address of your organization. This box is filled automatically.

3.Click Log In.

When you reopen the application, authorization in the Cloud is automatic, provided that the credentials are valid and the authentication server is reachable.

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