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After you create a pivot table, you can make changes to the source data and/or change the range of the source data. Update the pivot table to reflect your changes made:

1.Select one or multiple cells or the entire pivot table.

2.Update the pivot table in one of the following ways:

Click butt_re_tbl Refresh pivot table on the Toolbar.

In the Command menu, click Data > Refresh pivot table.

Right-click the selected cell or range and select Refresh pivot table in the context menu.

3.If the pivot table contains unsupported data, a warning message appears on the screen stating that updating the data will cause the unsupported properties of the pivot table to be lost. It will also specify which data may be lost. To continue the operation, click Refresh anyway. To complete the operation without updating the data, click Cancel.

As a result, the data in the pivot table will be updated, and a pop-up message will appear on the screen indicating that the pivot table was successfully updated.

If incorrect edits were made to the source data and the table loses some of its features or data after the update (for example, the first row contains empty cells or only one row remains), an error message will be displayed. The operation will abort and the pivot table will not be updated. To continue the operation, close the warning window and correct the source data.
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