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Pivot table use a large set of data to create detailed summaries. When you adjust pivot table settings, filters can be added to pivot tables to quickly filter the data. Columns containing a filter display a filter drop-down arrow editor_filter_on_drop_active in the column header.

Customizing pivot tables and creating filters in the web version of MyOffice application is under development and will be available in the further versions.

To filter data in a pivot table, do the following:

1.Select editor_filter_on_drop_active in the column header.

2.In the settings window that opens, select the field whose values you want to filter and check the se_editor_filter_dlg_listl_chkbox_selected boxes next to the values you want to display in the table. Repeat the operation for all required fields.

3.Click OK to apply the filter. Or click Cancel to cancel the selection and close the filter setting window.

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