You can copy and insert formulas the same way you would copy or paste other elements (for more details, see Entering data).

If necessary, you can copy a formula from one cell and paste the final value of that formula into another cell without the formula itself. Follow these steps:

1.Copy the formula as usual. Please note the following:

When you copy data from a cell in the workspace, the references to the arguments in the formula change. To copy ensure that a formula with specific arguments is copied as is, use the Formula bar.

When copying data from the Formula bar, the cell references in the copied formula remain as is and are transferred with their references unchanged.

2.Select the cell where you want to insert the final value of this formula.

3.Run the Paste value command in one of the following ways:

On the Command menu, select Edit > Paste value.

Open the cell context menu by right-clicking it with the mouse and select Paste value. To paste the value via the context menu, give the browser permission to access the clipboard.

The Safari web browser below version 13.1 does not support contextual menu insertion;

The Mozilla Firefox web browser does not support pasting via context menu and keyboard shortcuts.

Press Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+V (alt_greycommand_greyV).

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