Formula: Any expression in a cell that starts with an equal sign (=). Formulas can contain, among other things, functions, values, cell references and names, and operators.

Function: A predefined formula in MyOffice Spreadsheet that needs arguments to calculate correctly.

The cell in which the formula/function is entered is additionally highlighted on the sheet and is always visible, even if you switch to another sheet. Click the cell name or press Enter on your keyboard to quickly switch to the sheet with the formula/function if the cell with the formula/function is on another sheet.

When you work with a formula, the cells used are highlighted with color and a frame. The frame of inactive cells is dashed, and the frame of active cells is solid. The color of the frame and cell selection corresponds to the color of the cell name in the formula. The cell becomes active when you select it on the sheet or place the pointer on the name of the cell in the formula.

When you enter a formula, the drop-down list of prompts displays the names:

- di named ranges

- fx functions

- tabl tables

The names of prompts in the drop-down list are sorted alphabetically. If the same names are displayed in the list of prompts but the elements are located on different sheets, their address (Spreadsheet/Sheet) is displayed next to those names.

Formulas and functions basics

Formulas always begin with an equal sign (=).

The equal sign can be followed by functions, constants, cell references, operators, and other elements.

All opening and closing parenthesis must be in sync.

The mandatory arguments of functions must be specified.

The constants should not contain a dollar sign ($).

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