To open the Preferences pane, do one of the following:

Select the Menu Bar item Tools > Preferences.

On the Toolbar, click the menu call button calendar_menu_btn (MyOffice Mail menu), in the menu that appears, select Preferences.


In the General section, you can configure the following application settings:

1.Displaying the start page in the message viewing area when launching MyOffice Mail.

2.Default search engine selection.

3.System integration settings.

Language & Appearance

In the Language & Appearance section, you can configure the following settings for the interface language and appearance of the application:

1.Type, size, color, font parameters.

2.The way emoticons are displayed.

3.Style of quotes.

4.The format of the application language.

5.The language for displaying menus, messages and notifications from MyOffice Mail.

6.Scroll settings (automatic, smooth).

Incoming Mails

In the Incoming Mails you can configure the following notification settings when you receive new messages:

1.Setting up notifications when new messages are received.

2.Setting up the appearance of the tray icon when receiving new messages.

3.Setting up an audio signal when new messages appear.

Files and attachments

In the Files and attachments section, a list of attachments of current messages is displayed. You can either set a fixed path for saving files, or enable a setting that will allow you to request a path before each file is saved.


Configure the set of messages in the Tags section.


To add a new tag, click New. In the dialog that opens, select the tag name and color. Once created, the new label will be added to the list.

To change an existing tag, select the tag name in the list and click Edit. In the dialog that opens, if necessary, change the tag name and color. After the change, the tag will be updated in the list.

To delete an existing tag, select the tag name in the list and click Delete.

Reading and displaying messages

In the Reading & Display section you can configure the following notification settings when receiving new messages:

1.Marking messages as read.

2.Message opening mode (new tab, new window, existing window).

3.Closing the message window/tab when it is moved or deleted.

4.Displaying the recipient's name.

5.Read receipts processing mode.

Network & Disk Space

In the Network & Disk Space section, you can configure network connection and disk storage settings:

1.Configuring the application's Internet connection settings.

2.Setting up the offline parameters.

3.Configuring folder caching and compression.

4.Setting up global search and indexing of messages.

Config Editor


These settings are intended for experienced users, and changing them may lead to a loss of stability, security and performance of the application. If you are sure of what you are doing, open the system settings window by clicking Config Editor.


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