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Application: Mail Desktop version

Open the Add-ons Management. A shortcut will be added to the application screen: Add-ons Management. The following categories of add-ons are presented in the left part of the pane:

1.Extensions (custom extensions)

2.Languages (language support)


Add an extension

To add a new extension, follow these steps:

1.In the left pane, select extensions_left_btn.

2.Click extensions_settings_btn Manage Your Extensions.

3.In the context menu that opens, select Install Add-on From File.

4.Use the dialog that opens to select the add-on file from the disk.

Delete an add-on

To delete an add-on (if the extension can be deleted), follow these steps:

1.Click the extension_props_btn Manage add-ons.

2.In the context menu that appears, select remove_event.

If the add-on cannot be deleted, the context menu will not contain the delete button.

Enable and disable extensions

Add-ons in the list can be turned on or off using the switch button switcher. In this case, the extension is moved to the section Disabled.


Manage add-ons

To open the add-on properties, click the add-on in the list, or click extension_props_btn Manage add-ons to the right of the name, then in the context menu, select Can manage access permissions. The add-on control panel that opens contains two panels, between which you can switch via bookmarks.

The Details pane contains information about the add-on, as well as a switch button that controls the automatic update of this add-on.


The Permissions pane contains information about the permissions of this add-on.


Manage add-on updates

To manage updates, click extensions_settings_btn Manage Your Extensions and open the context menu.

1.To check for updates, select the menu command Check for Updates.

2.To enable or disable automatic updates, use the menu command Update Add-ons Automatically or Reset All Add-ons to Update Manually.


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