Open the pane Add-on Management. A bookmark will be added to the application screen Add-on Management. The following categories of add-ons are presented in the left part of the pane:

1.Add-ons (custom add-ons)

2.Languages (language support)



Add an add-on

To add a new add-on, follow these steps:

1.In the left pane, select the desired add-on category.

2.Click extensions_settings_btn Tools for all add-ons.

3.In the context menu that opens, select Install Add-on From File.

4.Use the dialog that opens to select the add-on file from the disk.

Deleting an add-on

To delete an add-on, follow these steps:

1.Click the button. extension_props_btn (Extension Management).

2.In the context menu that appears, select Delete.

Enable and disable add-ons

Add-ons on the list can be enabled or disabled with the switcherswitch.

Manage add-ons

To open the add-on properties, click extension_props_btn (Manage), in the context menu, select Manage. The add-on control pane that opens contains two panes. You can switch between them using bookmarks.

The Details pane contains information about the add-on, as well as a switch that controls the automatic update of this add-on.



The Permissions pane contains information about the permissions of this add-on.



Managing add-on updates

To manage updates, click extensions_settings_btn  (Tools for all add-ons), the context menu opens.

1.To check for updates, select the menu command Check for Updates.

2.To enable or disable automatic updates, use the menu command Update Add-ons Automatically or Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically.


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