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By default, zoom is 100% when you create a document. The page scale can be changed up or down using the zoom control tools or via the Command menu. Zoom tools include:

Fit to width button

Zoom value input field

Zoom slider

Fixed zoom values list

Changing the zoom does not affect font sizes or the size of buttons or other tools which you use for managing the document.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to adjust the zoom:

Ctrl+Zero (command Cmd+Zero): Set the scale to 100%.

Ctrl and + (command Cmd and +) or Ctrl+= (command Cmd+=): Zoom in by 10% or to the nearest value multiple of 10.

Ctrl and (command Cmd and ): Zoom out by 10% or to the nearest value multiple of 10.

Fit to width button

To display the page in the full width of the workspace, in the lower right corner of the application window, click the scale_window button.

Zoom value input field

The field in the lower right corner of the application window displays the scale of the current slide. The user can change the slide display scale by entering any value into this field.

To enter the zoom value, follow these steps:

1.Left-click the current zoom value. The field will go into edit mode.

2.Enter the new zoom value and press Enter (return Return).

Zoom slider

The lower right part of the application window displays a zoom slider for zooming in or out the document you are working on:


To zoom in, move the slider to the right or click the inc_scale button to the right of the ruler. To zoom out, move the slider to the left or click the dec_scale button to the left of the ruler.

If you click the button, one click increases or decreases the scale by 10%, or to the nearest multiple of ten, if the original value is not a multiple of ten.

To set the scale to 100%, move the slider to the mark in the middle of the slider or left‑click the mark.

Fixed zoom values range

The fixed zoom values range allows selecting one of the preset zoom values.

To select the value, do the following:

1.On the zoom slider, click hmtoggle_arrow1. Click hmtoggle_arrow1 to the left of the zoom slider. Or use the Command menu and select View > Zoom.

2.Select the desired zoom in per cents or one of the preset zoom values from the opened list:

One page: Display the entire page.

Two pages: Display the document on two pages which take the entire page width.

Multiple pages: Display multiple pages entirely (the number of pages in one row depends on the window size of the application).

Fit to width: Display the page fitted to window width.

Zoom in or Zoom out: Increase or decrease the scale by 10%.

The values One page, Two pages, Multiple pages are mutually exclusive.
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