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To quickly move an image within the text, do the following:

1.Select the image you want to move.

2.Hold down the left mouse button and drag the image to the desired position in the document.

3.Release the left mouse button to fix the new position of the image.


You can also move the image by specifying its left and top indents.

You can specify the indents for all image positions, except In Line with Text.

To specify the image indents, do the following:

1.Select the image.

2.Open the Size and Position window in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, select Format > Image > Size and Position.

On the Toolbar, select the Image section and click t_image_edit Size and Position.

Open the context menu by clicking with the right mouse button and select Size and Position.

3.In the Size and Position window, specify the desired left indent of the image in the Left Offset box. Specify the desired top indent of the image in the Top Offset box.

4.Click OK.

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