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Application: Table Desktop version

A pivot table is a tool that allows you to present data from an ordinary flat table in a form that is easy to analyze.

Pivot tables allow you:

To quickly place data from the source table columns into the pivot table columns and rows and swap them around.

To perform calculations.

To filter data.

To create a pivot table, create a source table first, which is a flat table with the required data.

When preparing the source table, it is recommended to take into account the following requirements:

The columns in the source table must have headings.

It is recommended to use data in one format within one column of the table. For example, only in General format or only in Date format.

You can create a pivot table on a new sheet or on the sheet you are working on.

To create a pivot table, do the following:

1.Select one of the following elements required to create a pivot table:

A range of data in the source table which will be used as the basis of the future pivot table. The range of data should be selected with the column headings.

The range cannot consist of one line. The first range line cannot contain empty cells.

A cell on the sheet you are working on which should be inserted in the pivot table. This cell will become the upper left cell of the table. The selected cell should not contain any data.

It is highly recommended to keep at least two empty lines about a pivot table. These lines are required for filters.

2.Open the pivot table creating window in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, select Insert > Pivot Table.

On the Toolbar, in the Insert section, click t_insert_pivot_table Pivot Table.

On the Toolbar, in the Insert section, click t_more . In the insert pane that appears, click t_insert_pivot_table_small Pivot Table.

3.In the Create Pivot Table window, do the following:

If you selected a cell to insert the pivot table in the first step, specify the range of source table data from which to create the pivot table in the Data Source field.

If a data range was selected in the first step, specify where the table will be inserted:

oNew sheet: Insert the table in a new sheet. The new sheet will be created automatically. By default, the new sheet will be named Pivot table <No.>, where No. is the number of the pivot table in the document you are working on. If needed, you can edit the sheet name.

oExisting sheet: Insert the table on the sheet that is currently displayed on the screen. In the Specify a destination cell box, enter the address of the cell where you want the top left cell of the pivot table to be located. There should be at least two empty lines above the initial cells for filters.

4.Click ОК.

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