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In MyOffice Spreadsheet, you can change the way the Toolbar is displayed as follows:

Select the Toolbar display mode or hide the Toolbar.

Hide or display the Toolbar titles.

Configure the element of the Favorites.

Hide and display the Favorites.

Change the display mode

To change the Toolbar display mode, do as follows:

1.In the Command menu, select View > Toolbar.

2.In the sub-menu that opens, select the desired display mode:

Regular: Tools are arranged in two lines, the section titles are displayed. If necessary, the Toolbar section titles can be hidden.

Compact: Tools are arranged in one line, section titles are not displayed.

Hide Toolbar: The Toolbar is not displayed.

To quickly switch between the Regular and the Compact mode, use t_up Collapse Toolbar / t_down Expand Toolbar buttons located in the right part of the Toolbar.

Hide or display section titles

In MyOffice Spreadsheet, the Toolbar has several sections. Each section (except Favorites) consists of various tools to perform a specific task. For example, the Number section contains cell format editing tools.

The title of each section is displayed if the Toolbar display type is Regular.

Toolbar titles can be hidden to optimize your workspace:

1.In the View command menu, click Toolbar.

2.In the sub-menu that opens, uncheck the Section Titles menu.

To display the section titles, check the menu again.

If the Toolbar is hidden or displayed in the compact form, the Section Titles menu is disabled.

Customize the Favorites

As a rule, when working with an application, certain Command menu items and Toolbar buttons are used more often than others. These elements can be added to the Toolbar section named Favorites so that they are always at hand.

Add an element

You can add from 1 to 14 elements to the Favorites.

To add a Command menu item to the Favorites, follow these steps:

1.Run the add command in one of the following ways:

If the Favorites section is empty, click the t_favorites_add Add button in it.

If the Favorites section contains the added elements, right-click anywhere in the section and execute the context menu command Add Action.

2.In the window that opens, select the Command menu item that you want to add to the Favorites.

To add a button from the Toolbar to the Favorites, right-click it and run the Add to Favorites command.

Currently, it is not possible to add Toolbar buttons that are displayed after clicking the t_more_gray button.

When added to the Favorites, the button is not removed from the Toolbar section in which it is located.

Move an element

To change the position of an element in the Favorites, follow these steps:

1.Right-click the element to open the context menu.

2.In the context menu, select the desired command:

Move to Beginning: Make the selected item the first in the section.

Move Left: Swap the selected and previous element.

Move Right: Swap the selected and subsequent element.

Move to End: Make the selected item the last in the section.

Delete an element

To delete all the elements from the Favorites command menu item, right-click on it and run the Remove from Favorites command.

To delete all the elements from the Favorites, do the following:

1.Right-click it in the Favorites section or in the section from which it was added.

2.Run the context menu command Remove from Favorites.

Clear the section

To delete all the elements from the Favorites, right-click anywhere in the section and execute the Clear context menu command.

Hide or display the Favorites section

By default, the Favorites section is displayed on the Toolbar.

To hide a section, do one of the following:

Select the Command menu item View > Toolbar and in the sub-menu that opens, uncheck the box Favorites.

If the section Favorites is empty, hover the mouse cursor over the t_favorites_add Add button and click t_favorites_close in its upper right corner.

To display the section, re-check the box Favorites in the Command menu.

The Favorites check box is blocked if the Toolbar is hidden.
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