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MyOffice Spreadsheet allows you to import data from text files in .csv, .scsv, .tsv, .tab, and .txt formats and display it in a spreadsheet:

1.Open the file you want to import.

2.In the pop-up window that appears, specify the following parameters:

Character set: A text encoding format.

Delimiters: Characters separating the values. Each value is then placed in a separate cell. For example, if you choose to use the semicolon (;) as the delimiter, the values in the string "1;1;1" will be placed into 3 separate cells. You can use the preset delimiter type from the list or specify it manually in the Another box. You can select multiple delimiters to use from the list.

Only one character can be specified in the Another box.

String qualifier: A character that frames individual values so that they are placed in separate cells even if they contain a delimiter. For example, if a dot is specified as a delimiter and double quotes as a string qualifier, the fractional number "3.14" is placed into a single cell.

Fit Width to Content: An option to adjust the width of each column to automatically fit the widest entry in a column. If selected, the width of each column is automatically selected based on the content of the cell that contains the most data.

3.Click ОК.

The delimiter-separated data contained in the file will be displayed in a new spreadsheet in tabular form.

If you didn't select the Fit Width to Content option during the file import, the "Fit column width to the contents?" pop-up message will appear briefly on the screen once the new file is open. Click Fit Width to fit the width to the content or Cancel to keep the default column width.

You can save the resulting file in .xlsx, .xods, or .ods formats in a usual manner.

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