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Application: Table Desktop version

Once logged in, you can open and edit .xods files from your company's Cloud.

To open a file from the Cloud, follow these steps:

1.In the File menu, select Open in Cloud. Or press shift Shift+command Cmd+O.

2.In the opened window, select the section on the left containing the file you want to open.

3.Select the file.

If the Author or Owner of the selected file is deleted from the system by the administrator, a mark (inactive) is displayed to the right of his/her name. Deleting a user does not affect the levels of access to the document that he/she has previously granted to other users.

4.Click OK to open it.

The file will open in a new window.

If you select a file created by other users, the Status bar will display View, Edit or Manage sharing settings set by the author.

In the View mode, you are not allowed to modify the document or change its formatting. If necessary, you can create an editable copy of this document. To do this, click Edit a Cloud Copy on the Toolbar.

The copy of the document is created in the root folder of the Cloud storage. It is automatically named Copy - <original name (n)>, where (n) is the copy number. When you create a copy, the original document is automatically closed and a copy of the document is opened.

In the Edit and Manage mode, you can access the document without restrictions. All changes will be automatically saved to the Cloud, no further actions are required.

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