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A pivot table needs to be refreshed in the following cases:

When working with the document in the source table and the data on the basis of which the pivot table was created has changed.

When you open a document created using third-party editors which contains a pivot table in MyOffice Spreadsheet.

This version of the application does not save the formatting of pivot tables created in third-party editors.

To refresh a pivot table, follow these steps:

1.Select the entire range or one or multiple cells of the pivot table range.

2.Update the pivot table in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, select Data and click Refresh Pivot Table.

On the Toolbar, select the Pivot Table section and click t_pivot_table_update Refresh.

Right-click the context menu and select Refresh Pivot Table.

If the pivot table was created in a third-party application, in the pivot table configuration pane, click Update which appears below the “The source data has changed. Please update to load the latest data.” message.

This version of the application has the following limitations when refreshing pivot tables created in third-party editors:

Collapsing and expanding the pivot table levels is not supported. When you update a table, all collapsed levels are automatically expanded.

The use of calculated elements is not supported.

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