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The current version of  MyOffice Spreadsheet supports working with drop-down lists created in third-party editors and designed to check data entered into cells.

The following limitations currently apply:

It is not possible to change the data source for the drop-down list.

It is not possible to change the drop-down list settings.

Errors set in third-party editors are not supported.

Drop-down lists inserted as a control or ActiveX are not supported.

The data source for the drop-down list can be edited in the following ways:

Edit values

Add values within a range: When adding values to a range, a named range, a smart table, the values are added to the drop-down list according to their place in the range.

Delete values partially or completely: If one or more values are deleted, values are displayed in their place in the drop-down list (an empty cell), if all values are deleted, the drop-down list becomes empty.

The values of the list are always up-to-date. For example, if the source is the result of a formula and the formula's arguments change, then the corresponding values in the list are updated.

A cell with a drop-down list can be cut, copied and pasted. But if the contents of the drop-down list are determined by a condition, then when inserting a cell with a list, only the value selected in the cell is inserted.

In the drop-down list, the values are displayed in the form in which they are displayed in the source. In a cell, the display of the selected value is determined by the format of this cell. For example, if the drop-down list contains dates, and the General or Text format is selected for the cell, then the selected date in the cell will be converted according to the format: the date 02.02.2020 will be displayed as the value 43863.

Enter a value in a cell

To enter a value in a cell with a drop-down list, follow these steps:

1.Select the cell. A prompt for entering a value will be displayed above the cell, if it was created in a third-party editor.

2.Do one of the following:

Expand the drop-down list and select the desired value. To work with the drop-down list, you can use the mouse or keyboard keys (see the table).

Enter the value manually and press theEnter key or click the fx_accept_icon button in the Formula bar. The entered value must match character by character with the required value in the drop-down list. The case of characters is not taken into account when entering a value.

If the value entered manually is incorrect, the drop-down list is automatically expanded. The "Invalid value" error is displayed at the top of the list.

To edit the entered value, do one of the following:

Select the correct value from the drop-down list.

Start entering the correct value manually. The drop-down list will automatically close.

Close the drop-down list by clicking on the data_checkin_close button at the top of it, the fx_reject_icon button in the Formula bar, or press Esc. Enter the correct value manually.

If the field is intended only for entering the value manually, the error is displayed without a drop-down list.

The table lists the keyboard shortcuts that are used when working with the drop-down list.


Keyboard shortcut

Open the list


Select a value


Apply value


Select the first value of the list


Select the last value of the list


One screen down

Page Down

One screen up

Page Up

Close the list



The commands One screen down and One screen up are used to quickly view long drop-down lists. When executing commands, the list scrolls to the next or previous items.

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