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You can change the data range used as the source data for you chart. The chart will be updated accordingly based on the new data range.

To change a range, perform the following actions:

1.Select the chart.

2.Move the corner handle to change the chart range while holding the left mouse button pressed.

3.Release the left mouse button to fix the new range.

You can move the corner handle in any direction (right, left, up, down).

Additionally, you can change the data range in the Chart Settings window:

1.Select the chart you want to edit.

2.On the Toolbar, select the Chart section and select s_toolbar_chart_setings_icon Settings.

3.In the Chart Settings window, select Range and click se_chart_stt_range_icon. This will activate the range selection mode. The cursor shape will change.

4.Select a cell range on the current sheet or on another sheet of a spreadsheet. Once the left mouse button is released, the range will be confirmed and displayed in the Range box.

5.Click OK to apply the range. This will automatically recalculate the chart data for the new cell range.

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