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In MyOffice Spreadsheet, you can group data so that you can create one or more groups of rows or columns. This can be useful when analyzing and displaying large amounts of data.

To group rows or columns of your choice, select them and do one of the following:

In the Data menu, select Group Rows or Group Columns.

On the Toolbar, select the Cells section and click t_sheet_group Group.

On the Toolbar, select the Cells section, click the arrow next to the t_sheet_group Group button and select Group Rows or Group Columns.

Right-click the heading of the selected rows or columns and select Group rows or Group columns from the context menu.

If a range of cells is selected and not just rows or columns, clicking t_sheet_group_gray Group opens the Group window where you should choose which items you want to group, that is Group rows or Group columns.

The final row of each group is at the bottom of the group. The final column of the group is the rightmost column of the group. The heading of the final row and the final column is grayed out. You can create up to 7 levels of groups.

If necessary, you can collapse or expand the data in the groups. Use the show_group or hide_group outline symbols for this purpose.

To clear the grouping:

1.Select a range of cells for which you want to clear grouping.

2.In the Data menu, select Clear Grouping. Or click the arrow to the right of the t_sheet_group Group button on the Toolbar in the Cells section and click Clear Grouping.

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