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In MyOffice Presentation (Beta), you can define the color, weight, and outline type for the shape. To adjust the shape outline parameters, click knpk_border_shape Shape outline on the Toolbar. A window will open that contains the following settings:

No outline button which allows to remove the outline of the selected shape.

Recent color section which contains the recently used colors.

Theme colors section which contains the color palette of the current slide.

More colors section contains user-created colors, as well as a button to add new colors not represented in the palette.

Line Weight section which allows to set the line thickness.

The lower section where you can select the outline type out of the preset values.

Set shape outline

1.Select the shape you want to set the outline for.

2.To apply the outline settings of the previous object to the shape, click knpk_border_shape Shape outline on the Toolbar.

3.To define another outline for the shape, click on the arrow to the right of the knpk_border_shape Shape outline on the Toolbar and select the outline color in one of the following ways:

Select the desired color in the Recent colors section.

Select the desired color in the Theme colors section.

Click knpk_color_other in the More colors section and in the window that appears, enter the HEX code of the desired color or select it yourself by moving slider on the color scale or the marker on the color field. Click OK to apply the selected color fill.

4.In the Line Weight section, select the desired line thickness manually or using the buttons.

5.Select the outline type from the preset values.

Delete shape outline

1.Select the shape you want to remove the outline of.

2.Click on the arrow to the right of the knpk_border_shape Shape outline.

3.Click No outline in the upper part of the opened window.

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