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You can sort files or folders by using the sorting tools which are also the names of the columns in the workspace. You can sort files and folders in the list by any column except Actions.

When you click the column name, the column is sorted. If you see an arrow to the right of the column name, that means that data in this column has been sorted. If the arrow is directed upwards, the list is sorted in ascending order. If it is directed downwards, the list is sorted in descending order.

Name, Author, Owner, and Modified by columns are sorted alphabetically.

Created on, Modified on, Modified by me on, Opened by me on columns are sorted from the later dates to the most recent days and vice versa.

Size and All versions size columns are sorted from the largest to the smallest files and vice versa.

When sorting by Size and All versions size, only file data is taken into account. When sorting by other criteria, both file and folder data are taken into account.


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