Protecting data is our highest priority. MyOffice gives you full control over your organization's data. You decide where valuable data is stored. MyOffice products are built around the demanding requirements for data security that are necessary for certain environments. Our products regularly undergo external audits. MyOffice releases have also successfully passed the certification testing of Data Security regulators and can be used on objects of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).

When using MyOffice, you have full control of your data. MyOffice Cloud is deployed on your organization's infrastructure or that of a trusted partner, enabling you to organize workflows the way you see fit with the option to cut off any connection to public networks.

MyOffice Server solutions provide:
  • full compliance with the data security measures stipulated by regulators;
  • management of data access for select users and entire work groups;
  • gathering and storing data about user actions such as changes to file attributes, directories, or access rights.
To process data containing state secrets and secret documents ranked up to the "Top Secret" level, our partners are offering the product MyOffice Secure Cloud. MyOffice Secure Cloud has integrated enhanced security mechanisms and can control data flows with confidentiality markers that have been certified as fully compliant with the requirements of regulators.

We guarantee the reliability of MyOffice products. The system works continuously without the risk of data loss. In terms of data storage, triple redundancy is provided, and fault tolerance is ensured by the absence of a single point of failure for each subsystem.