MyOffice Text
    1. View and edit inserted endnotes. Work with endnotes in the documents created in other editors.

    MyOffice Spreadsheet
    1. Protect a cell, sheet, or workbook structure. Enable protection to prevent other users from editing individual cells, sheets, or the structure of the workbook. You can make only certain parts of a document editable, thus making forms to be filled convenient. You may also set a password for additional layer of protection.

    2. Highlight copied data. The range of cells copied to the clipboard is now highlighted on the sheet with a dotted line so that you can clearly see it.

    3. Open a document from the last worked on sheet. Start editing the document from where you left off before. This saves time navigating to the right sheet, especially if the document has many collaborators.

    4. Copying filtered ranges. Work with filtered data more conveniently: filtered out cells are no longer copied to the clipboard, while insertion occurs already with filters applied. Also, from now on formatting only applies only to the filtered range.

    MyOffice Text & MyOffice Spreadsheet
    1. Customize Favorites panel. Add up to 14 actions to the Favorites panel to reduce the time spent accessing your most used features.

    2. Insert special characters. Insert various formatting and mathematical symbols into your text documents and spreadsheets: use the corresponding command from the toolbar to reveal a set of popular symbols (e.g., a non-breaking dash). Click "More symbols" to discover the full list of mathematical and other symbols available for insertion.

    3. Insert digital signature. Sign text documents and spreadsheets via CryptoPro electronic signature to control the authenticity and immutability of the document. Any changes made to the signed document automatically remove the enclosed signature. Use an invisible electronic signature for documents that do not have a dedicated signature place. Current signature status can be viewed in the document info.

    4. Hyperlinks enhancements. Enjoy more features when working with links: add links to an existing text, as well as edit or remove links with the original text left intact.

    5. Change the cell size. Manually set the exact cell size when required to adjust the document outline to the size of a sheet for printing or for convenient display on the screen.

    6. Rotate text in a cell. User text rotation to adjust the angle of headings in table cells in both text documents and spreadsheets for advanced formatting.