New App: MyOffice Analytics
PC MyOffice Standard MyOffice Professional
  • Have data presented in any interactive format best suited to your analytic needs: diagrams, tables, or a cartogram of Russia.
  • MyOffice Analytics makes reporting easier for staff while upgrading the analytical quality of reporting.
  • It requires no servers or network connection: the data is stored and processed on user PCs under your full control.
  • Included in the current license prices for MyOffice Standard and MyOffice Professional.
New toolbar
PC Web MyOffice Text MyOffice Spreadsheet
  • Find the right commands up to 2.3 times faster*. Now all commands are right on the toolbar with no tabs. The web-based version has them clustered into a single row; the PC app has them in two rows.
  • The new toolbar is adaptable to the processor window size.
  • The lineup of sections on the toolbar will change according to the object you are working with at the moment.
  • The web-based version has an added "Edit" drop-down menu on control panel: adjust the way edits and comments are shown, accept or reject changes.

* compared to the previous version, according to the research findings of the usability lab at ITMO University.

Data groups in MyOffice Spreadsheet
PC MyOffice Spreadsheet
  • Open, update, and save documents containing consolidated spreadsheets with data groups.
  • Apply filters selectively by group.
Spreadsheet style in MyOffice Spreadsheet
PC Web Android MyOffice Spreadsheet
  • View documents in spreadsheet style (XLSX and XLS formats).
  • Edit data in the Spreadsheet object, add columns or rows (with reformatting where necessary), use sorting and filters.
  • The desktop processor has the added option to change spreadsheet headings.
User-friendly functionality for event management
Web MyOffice Calendar
  • The event time on the invitation will appear according to your time zone.
  • When you select an event's end time you will see the event's duration.
  • The default interval for event time planning is 15 minutes.
  • The Create Event window now has a prompt on the Available/Busy function.
It is even easier to process your mail
PC MyOffice Mail
  • You can recall a letter from hidden copy recipients.
  • Easier desktop mail client and authorization window interface.
  • No more manual cleaning of the profile folder when updating to new app version.
Work with objects in MyOffice editors
PC MyOffice Text MyOffice Spreadsheet
  • Insert new objects in text or spreadsheet files: rectangles, ellipses, triangles, diamonds, curved angles, stars, hearts, parentheses, arrows, bubbles.
  • Move the object around with ease, resize it, insert and format text, change the flow of text around it in the word processor.
Developer modules
MyOffice SDK
  • MyOffice Document API now supports C# and Python 3.
  • MyOffice Document API now has the option to bring up the settings window for export to PDF (print in PDF).
  • Create new add-in types: with dialog window to send doc to print, and with pop-up window containing an informative message.
  • The AMP comes with new options added to the current-release web-based processors.
But there's more...

MyOffice Spreadsheet for PC: select pages to print, work with structured references, export data to TXT with dividers and tabulation symbols.

MyOffice Text for PC: hyphen symbol changes to dash automatically.

MyOffice Text for Android: use scroll bars and "Back to Previous" button for faster document navigation.