Storage system's software core updated
MyOffice Professional MyOffice Private Cloud
  • General productivity is up, and data backup expenses are down 30%.
  • MyOffice cloud deployment speed is up by a factor of 5 for organizations with up to 20,000 users.
  • When you implement MyOffice into an existing infrastructure, you can keep using your previously deployed data storage system — not only S3 compatible systems, but also the traditional NAS and SAN depositories.
Personal goals
PC Web MyOffice Calendar
  • Record your personal goals on MyOffice Calendar.
  • Add description and any attachment to goal entry.
  • Set up goal reminders.
Calendar and notification management
Web MyOffice Calendar
  • Set pop-up new message notifications and upcoming meeting reminders on desktop.
  • Where external parties are listed as recipients for the meeting, they will automatically receive notices of a date, time, or venue change or other pertinent changes even if you never checked the "Notify of Change" box.
  • The shared calendar management window is now visually improved and easier to use.
  • When you select calendars or event hosts, you get the user name now, not the log-in.
Spreadsheets easier to manage
PC MyOffice Spreadsheet
  • Use print area settings to keep printing a specific swath of spreadsheet cells rather than select it manually every time.
  • Shrink spreadsheets by rotating text inside cells — left or right by 45 or 90 degrees.
New editor capabilities
  • View documents that contain lines.
  • Add, edit, and format text inside objects.
  • Use the new feature — Text Field — to append explanations for charts or images.
New languages supported
  • Full localization in French is now available on MyOffice. The national standards are supported for currency, functional categories, time zones, date and time format, months and days of the week, errors in the use of functions, formula prompts, default values for dividers, and units of measurement.
  • MyOffice cloud and desktop versions are available in two new languages: Armenian and Kyrgyz.
  • Spelling check in the processors uses four dictionaries: Russian, English, French, and Spanish. Select 1 to 3 dictionaries simultaneously when running spell check.
But there's more:

Open DOC documents as binary files Word 95 and XLS or binary files Excel 5.0/95 (BIFF5). The document automatically converts to MyOffice format, in which you can edit and save it.

Protect important files with passwords to make desktop document processing on Linux even more secure.