New spreadsheet editor features
PC MyOffice Spreadsheet
  • Open large spreadsheet docs in XLSX and ODS up to 8 times faster*.
  • Use existing filters for consolidated spreadsheets.
  • The filters you select will be saved when a consolidated spreadsheet is updated.

*As demonstrated during internal testing.

Letter recall
PC MyOffice Mail
  • Recall a letter sent by mistake, and it will be deleted from recipient's mailbox.
New calendar features
Web MyOffice Calendar
  • Open shared corporate calendars for viewing by all employees simultaneously, or grant personalized access rights to selective employees.
  • When you add new event participants, select who gets notified: everyone or only the persons just added.
More options when working with objects
PC MyOffice Text
  • View docs with objects whose size will depend on the width of text inside.
  • When the object is in the header/footer and extends beyond the limits, it will not be cut to size, but will be shown entirely.
MyOffice using Russian encryption algorithms
MyOffice Private Cloud MyOffice Mail
  • The data channels between the client apps and servers are protected through the use of Russian encryption algorithms.
  • Encrypt your mail messages with domestic crypto-algos to keep your correspondence confidential.
  • Sign your messages digitally. Electronic signature assures the integrity of your letter en route to recipient and attests the sender's identity.
More versatile SDK add-ins
MyOffice SDK
  • Administrators get to set up external add-ins to enhance processor functionality on a mass scale, with no input from users.
  • Developers get to create add-ins with user interfaces.
But there's more:

MyOffice Text for PC: easy renaming of tabs.

MyOffice Mail for Android: sort and organize letters; the app supports a hierarchical folder structure.

MyOffice Mail for iOS and iPadOS: iOS/iPadOS14 support has been added; now you can press and hold to open a pop-up menu and select operation: open, share, copy, move, delete.