Faster and easier mail
MyOffice Private Cloud MyOffice Professional MyOffice Mail
  • Mail massive group letters (500+ recipients) 3 times faster.
  • Manage users and resources more easily with the new web interface on the admin panel.
Easier to organize meetings
Web MyOffice Calendar
  • Set up recurrent events (weekly, monthly).
  • Indicate your availability for events.
  • When event time is updated, you will see participants' availability.
  • When the date or time of an event is changed, you get notified automatically.
  • Use flexible settings for automatic reply templates in the mail system when organizing meetings.
New processor functionality
  • Insert unformatted text when copying information from other documents.
  • Select numeric format template for date, time, currency, and numbers for cells in the spreadsheet processor.
  • The administrator gets to set up the basic template for new documents: fonts, document size, margins, header/footer, the addition of logo or contact info.
New editor features
  • Reset style with the new "Clear Formatting" function when parts of text are copied from different sources.
New interface languages supported
  • MyOffice cloud versions are now available in four new languages: Belorussian, Kazakh, German, and Italian.
  • The PC apps now support French also.
Mobile apps
  • Enable profiles for mail, calendar, contacts, and global address book with the aid of the operating system's preset apps (for iOS smartphones).
  • Work with graphic objects and text comments, use filters on the edit toolbar in mobile processors.
Developer modules
MyOffice SDK
  • New Autonomous Processing Module (AMP): build standalone browser versions of MyOffice Text or MyOffice Spreadsheet into third-party software. 
  • MyOffice Document API: activate functionality to work with separate document parts and select page orientation: portrait or landscape.