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    MyOffice Spreadsheet
    PCMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Standard 2
    1. Protection of cells, sheet, spreadsheet structure. Set the protection so that other users cannot edit individual cells, sheets, or the structure of the spreadsheet. This is convenient if you want to send a file to be filled in and want to avoid unwanted editing. For additional protection, a password can be set.

    2. Additional selection of the copied text. Avoid copying errors—the area of data copied to the clipboard is now marked with a dotted line.

    3. Opening a document to the last active sheet. Resume work on the document from the point where you left off before closing. This saves time searching for the right sheet. It's especially helpful if the document is shared by many people.

    MyOffice Spreadsheet, MyOffice Text
    PCMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Standard 2
    1. Working with hyperlinks made easy.  Work with hyperlinks in a more convenient way: add links to existing text, edit or delete them while keeping the text.

    2. Integration of the Common folder with MyOffice Private Cloud 2. When working in desktop editors, use the same folder structure as in the MyOffice Private Cloud 2 file manager and work with the Common folder.  Please note that you can connect editors to the Cloud only if you have MyOffice Private Cloud 2 or MyOffice Professional 2.

    MyOffice Calendar
    PCMyOffice Mail 2MyOffice Professional 2
    1. Moving events between calendars. Move events from your work calendar to your personal or any other calendar connected to MyOffice Mail 2, making it more convenient to use.

      Web apps
      MyOffice Spreadsheet, MyOffice Text
      webMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Private Cloud 2
      1. Moving to a specific page of the document. To quickly navigate to the desired page and make it easier to work in a multi-page document, use the keyboard shortcut CMD+G/CTRL+G or enter the page number in the page counter.

      2. Text search even in reading mode. Search for words or phrases in the text using the CTRL+F/CMD+F shortcut or the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the screen. Refine your search results by setting conditions such as Match case or Match whole words only. In the spreadsheet editor, the cell with the match will be highlighted in its entirety.

      3. Working with hyperlinks made easy.  Work with hyperlinks in a more convenient way: add links to existing text, edit or delete them while keeping the text.

      4. Moving to where the co-author is making edits. Go to the part of the text or cell that your co-author is working with by clicking on the co-author's avatar in the lower right corner of the page. In the spreadsheet editor, changes in the cell will become visible as soon as the co-author finishes working on it. While doing so, your cursor remains in the same place.

      MyOffice Presentation (Beta)
      webMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Private Cloud 2
      1. Go to a specific slide. For a quick transition, use the keyboard shortcut CMD+G/CTRL+G or enter the slide number in the slide counter .

      Documents file manager
      webMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Private Cloud 2
      1. Convenient file replacement when uploading to the Cloud.  Upload files to the Cloud while keeping access permissions, public links and the previous version if a file with the same name already exists or save the file under a new name without keeping the previous settings.

      2. Create shortcuts for files, folders, and web resources. Use shortcuts to avoid copying items to your personal folders and quickly navigate to files, folders, or web resources without having to remember their location. You can create a shortcut through the context menu or Toolbar.

      3. New algorithm for setting file access permissions. Do not lose the inherited permissions to manage the file with each update of the permission to the user group. Additionally, a user with inherited permissions receives direct management access during updates.

      4. Public links for a single user. Create public links for elements that can be viewed and downloaded by a single user within 12 hours of link activation. If the user attempts to click through again, the link will be considered to be expired or unavailable. This is convenient for sending confidential information and reducing the risk of leaks.

      5. Attaching files from the Сloud to Squadus. Attach files from the Сloud directly in Squadus application without having to switch back and forth between applications.

      6. Upload error notifications. Receive notifications about why uploading is not possible. For example, if there is not enough space to upload the item or there is no connection to the server.

      7. File conversion when downloading. Choose the format to convert the file to when downloading, even if the source document is in .xlsx, .xltx, .ods, .xlsm, .docm, .pptm format. For example, an .xlsx file can now be downloaded in .xods or .pdf format.

      8. Viewing videos larger than 2GB in the file manager window. Watch large video files in the Cloud. No need to download them to your device.

      webMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Private Cloud 2
      1. Managing one-time links. Monitor the security of links intended for a single user in the new section of the administrator pane. The administrator has access to information about the link creator, the linked element, the password protection set, the current status of the link, the creation date and the expiration date. For security reasons, you can block access to the link. In this case, the link will be available for 1 hour. You can also stop sharing by deleting the link.

      2. Standard authentication failure messages. Now both administrator and user see the same login error messages, making administrator's work easier.

      3. User statistics and list download. View the total number of users logged into the system in the administrator pane. When the user limit is reached, inactive or suspended accounts can now be deleted more quickly. In addition, the administrator is now able to download the list in both .json and .csv format according to the filters that are configured.

      4. Displaying expired public links. View both active public links and expired links. Active links will be highlighted in green, and expired links will be displayed in gray.

      MyOffice Mail
      webMyOffice Mail 2MyOffice Professional 2
      1. Integration with MyOffice Private Cloud 2 to send files that are larger than the set size. Send larger files with a link to MyOffice Private Cloud 2. If the file exceeds the size set by the administrator, it will be automatically uploaded to the Cloud, and a link will be added to the email. The function is available when integrating MyOffice Mail 2 and MyOffice Private Cloud 2 or installing the MyOffice Professional 2 package.

      2. Easy way to work with the list of emails. Select, move, delete sorted emails in a few clicks. The Ctrl+A shortcut now works for highlighting, and for quick deletion, a button has been added to the message viewer.

      MyOffice Calendar
      webMyOffice Mail 2MyOffice Professional 2
      1. Quick transition from the calendar of the month to the schedule of the day. View the day's events by clicking on the date. Return to the month's schedule by clicking Back or the Month button on the Toolbar.

      webMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Mail 2
      1. Simplified installation on Astra and Alt, the Russian-made operating systems. Spend less time and effort running the software installer on the Russian-made operating systems Astra and Alt thanks to an improved installer, as well as additional instructions and scripts.

      2. Advanced settings for mailing groups. Prohibit sending email from external addresses to internal group mailboxes to ensure secure employee communications and protect against spam.

      3. Swiping to return to the list of emails. Control the application with one hand by swiping to the right instead of pressing the Return key when returning to the mail list or the default folder pane.

      4. Authentication by means of fingerprint or facial recognition. Log in to the app with your fingerprint or facial recognition function for added security.

        Squadus 1.2
        1. Squadus federations for communication with employees of other companies. Communicate with employees from other companies without functional restrictions and guest access. Trusting interaction is configured in the administration pane on the server of each company. No separate standalone server is required to configure the interaction.

        webMobile appPC
        1. Attaching files from MyOffice Private Cloud 2. Attach files from MyOffice Private Cloud 2 directly to the Squadus chat without leaving the application. This functionality is available with Squadus and MyOffice Private Cloud 2 integration

        2. Saved chat for messages and files. Upload files, forward your own and your colleagues' messages from other chats, leave notes and jot down ideas – all the information you need is right at your fingertips. Edit or delete any message whenever you need. For quick access, the Saved chat can be added to the Favorites section of the Sidebar.

        3. Filters for grouping chats. Quickly find important chats by filtering by category: Mentions, Unread, Direct Messages, Favorites. The icon for each category shows the number of unread messages – this reduces the time spent scrolling through the chat list and helps you respond quickly to messages.

        4. Syncing drafts on different devices. Switch between devices when typing messages. For example, start typing a message on your smartphone and continue on your laptop using the Drafts section. If you delete a draft message on one device, it will be automatically deleted on all devices.

        5. Automatic status of the user's presence at the conference. Track who is in the meeting in real time: all the connected attendees will have an In Meeting status. If necessary, the status can be changed manually to Away, Busy, or Offline, even if you continue to attend the call.

        6. Checking the spelling of messages. Focus your attention on the spelling mistakes in the texts. Now they are underlined with a red line on all devices.