PC apps
    MyOffice Spreadsheet, MyOffice Text
    PCMyOffice Standard 2MyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Education
    1. "Favorites" panel for frequently used functions. Add up to 14 items to the panel that you use frequently to save time searching for the ones you need.

    2. Inserting symbols via a button on the toolbar. Add symbols and formatting marks to texts and tables faster with a toolbar button that reveals a set of popular symbols, such as the non-breaking dash To insert mathematical or other special characters, click "More characters".

    MyOffice Spreadsheet
    PCMyOffice Standard 2MyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Education
    1. Resizable cells. Adjust the cell size manually if you need to fit the document to the size of the sheet when printing or for convenient display on the screen.

    MyOffice Mail
    PCmacOS MyOffice Mail 2
    1. Application for macOS. Enjoy all the features now on macOS devices as well.

      Mobile apps
      MyOffice Douments mobile app
      AndroidMyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Private Cloud 2
      1. Development of the MyOffice presentation editor. Edit the borders of shapes, use colors from the theme to design your slides, add hyperlinks, and change the layout of objects from the toolbox for more convenient use of the panel.

      MyOffice Mail mobile app
      IOSAndroidMyOffice Mail 2MyOffice Professional 2
      1. Feedback for developers. Provide feedback on the performance of the application directly from the mobile app. You can describe a specific problem and attach a screenshot, as well as share data about the device and error-related technical information.

        Web apps
        MyOffice Spreadsheet
        webMyOffice Private Cloud 2MyOffice Professional 2
        1. A pop-up window for intermediate calculations. Perform calculations faster when working with complex formulas thanks to intermediate calculations that are displayed in a pop-up window.

        2. Auto-size the width of rows and columns. Click a column or row border twice to change the borders. Animated element when hovering over the border will remind you that you can change the borders manually.

        MyOffice Spreadsheet, MyOffice Text
        webMyOffice Private Cloud 2MyOffice Professional 2
        1. Button for working with hyperlinks. Create, edit, copy hyperlinks using the button on the taskbar. Even an inexperienced user can easily perform the necessary action in a pop-up window.

        "Documents" file manager
        webMyOffice Private Cloud 2MyOffice Professional 2
        1. New search and filter options. Find and filter files faster by searching by author, document type, modification date, and location.

        webMyOffice Private Cloud 2MyOffice Professional 2
        1. Filters and sorting for the user list. Combine filters by role, status and creation date to quickly find and sort users.

        2. Uniform password requirements for all users.

        3. Set a password policy for all users at the same time. The administrator can set the minimum number of characters, lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters to set the password.

        4. Convenient saving of the user's event history. You can opt to save events through limiting the number of records, or through using a time interval setting — in the latter case, records for the specified time interval, such as a month, will be saved.

        5. Restricting downloads of different types of files. Restrict downloads of certain file types to all or individual users for information security purposes or to save IT resources.

        6. Default document viewing mode. Save server resources with the default viewing mode that you can enable in the settings. To start editing, the user just needs to click an extra button.

        MyOffice Mail administration
        webMyOffice Mail 2MyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Standard 2
        1. Compatible with ALD Pro directory service based on Astra Linux.

        2. Mapping when synchronizing with a directory service. Build the most complete user profile by customizing additional fields.

        3. CAPTCHA tool for users. Increase protection against unauthorized access to the webmail interface by prompting to enter captcha after a certain number of incorrect password attempts.

        MyOffice Calendar
        webMyOffice Mail 2MyOffice Professional 2MyOffice Standard 2
        1. Integration with the Webinar platform. Create a link to an online meeting directly in the calendar interface when creating in event. Meeting participants just need to follow the link from the notification email or calendar event without having to enter their username and password.

        2. The "Write to participants" button in the event window. Send the results of your meetings to all participants directly from the event window in your calendar without having to create a separate email and enter email addresses manually.

          Mailion 1.3
          1. Create tasks from an email. Save time and create tasks directly from an incoming email in two clicks. The information from the body of the email will already be entered into the pop-up panel. You just need to set the deadlines, priority, and reminder.

          2. Feedback auto-reminder. Control the receipt of feedback on the email from all correspondents with the help of an automatic reminder about the need to respond. Set a specific date and time to send a reminder.

          3. Personal availability window. Quickly accept or decline meeting invitations thanks to the built-in window displaying your schedule in the invitation email. No need to switch between the mail and the calendar to assess your availability for the proposed meeting time.

          4. Provide access to your calendar and subscribe to other users' calendars. Provide access to your schedule and choose what kind of information you are willing to share. Connect to external partners' calendars, and subscribe to those of your colleagues to keep track of their availability. Customize the color of connected calendars, hide them, change their names, or unsubscribe.

          1. Additional tools for migration from Microsoft Exchange. Use co-location of systems on the same domain, and migrate rules, signatures and calendars to ensure a comfortable migration and keep user data safe; review migration logs and respond in a timely manner whenever issues arise.

          2. Deletion of emails by an administrator. Quickly manage the situation in case of suspicious emails or if an internal email with sensitive data is sent by mistake. Now, the administrator within the tenant can delete an email for all recipients.

          3. Comments when a user is blocked. Leave important information in the comments: the reason for blocking, terms and other data. This will save time searching for information on a particular account in the future.