The default color for text when you create a document is black. In the Toolbar, the button_text_colour Font Color button displays a color in which the user can quickly color a font without having to select it from the palette:

Red "p_xo_list_bullet" style="">The last color used: After a color has been used.

User-created "p_xo_text">You can set the color before you start entering text: after selecting the desired color, the text to be entered after the pointer will be displayed in the selected color.

To change the color of the text, do the following:

1.Select the desired fragment of the cell content in the edit mode, the entire cells or cell range.

2.Change the text color in one of the following ways:

Click button_text_colour Font Color on the Toolbar to apply the last used color or the default color.

Click the arrow to the right of the editor_font_color_icon_multiple Font Color button on the Toolbar and select the color from the palette.

On the Command menu, select Format > Color > Font Color and select the color from the palette.

In the color palette window, the current text color is checked. The upper part of the palette displays the last used colors. At the bottom of the palette window are the custom colors you created earlier.


To set your own "p_xo_list" style="">1.Click К_Другие цвета in the lower part of the palette.

2.In the window that appears, set the desired color parameters. Enter the hex code of the desired color, or select it yourself as follows:

The color tone is selected on a vertical scale on the right. Click the left mouse button on the color scale and move the pointer vertically. The color_tone_coursors markers will indicate the specific shade.

The color shade is selected with the marker, which is in the lower left corner by default. Click the left mouse button on the marker and move the pointer through the window.

3.Click OK to apply the selected color. Or click Cancel to leave without saving the changes.

The newly created color will be displayed in the More colors section.

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