All formatting commands can be found on the Toolbar. Some of these commands are also displayed on the Command menu.

When you create a document, some formatting options are set by default. The parameters can be changed at the document creation stage before you start entering content or while working with an already existing document.

To format a row or column containing a merged cell, select the first row or column containing that cell. When you expand the workspace, the cells in the added rows and columns will not inherit the formatting of the merged cell and will have standard formatting.


MyOffice applications use the XO (eXtended Office fonts) font family which includes the fonts similar to the most commonly used fonts.

The XO Thames font is used by default when you create a file. This font is displayed on the Toolbar and in the drop-down list of available fonts where it is marked as chek.

To set the font type, do the following:

1.Select the desired text in the cell in the editing mode, the entire cell, or a cell range.

2.Select the font in one of the following ways:

Click Format > Text > Font and select the desired font from the drop-down list.

On the Toolbar, select the box with the current font name and select the desired font from the drop-down list.

If the browser window is minimized, this font title box can be displayed in the compact mode as clip0001.
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