In the View mode, the presentation is open for viewing.

The presentation contains the following elements:

Command menu


Navigation bar

To start the full-screen slide show, click the Slide show button on the Control bar. Or click View > Slide show.

You can manage your presentation in full-screen mode by using the Control bar that pops up when you move the pointer to the bottom edge of the screen. This Control bar consists of the following tools:


The knpk_prew (Previous) button: Displays the previous slide on the screen.

The current slide number.

The knpk_next (Next) button: Displays the next slide on the screen.

The knpk_frmt (Leave the full-screen mode) button to disable the full-screen mode.

The knpk_list (Slide list) button to enable/disable slide Navigation bar display at the bottom of the screen:


The knpk_pointer (Pointer) button to enable/disable the laser pointer imitation mode for the pointer.

The knpk_timer (Timer) panel to display the total presentation display time.

You can switch between slides by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard, scrolling the mouse wheel, or pressing the left mouse button once (moving forward only).

You can exit the full-screen mode by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard or by pressing the knpk_clouse (Close) button that pops up when you move the pointer to the upper edge of the screen.

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