The section contains general settings related only to MyOffice Mail application.

Messages per page: Select the maximum number of emails displayed on one page.

Automatic page reload: Select the mailbox update interval.

Email threads: Check the box Use threads for mails with same subject to save emails united by a common topic as "messageresponse" thread. When this option is enabled, clicking the number at the right edge of the email form will open the thread. If there are unread emails in the email thread, the subject on the mini panel will be highlighted in bold.

Add email: Add an additional internal or external email account.

Add an email

Click Add email if you want to add another email (internal or external).

Add an internal account

In the window that opens, enter the email address, the password for the MyOffice account to be added, and the username displayed in the email.


After entering the required data, click OK. If the entered account is recognized as a MyOffice account, information about mail server settings, such as POP, IMAP and SMTP server addresses and ports, will be assigned automatically.

Add an external account

In the window that opens, enter the email address, the password for the external account to be added, and the name of the user to be displayed in the email.


If the account entered is recognized as an external account, a dialog box will open with additional fields for POP, IMAP and SMTP server settings.

Please note that after adding an external account, MyOffice Mail will only get access to your mailbox. Third-party calendars and contact lists will not be connected.


Click add_external_account4 for more information on setting up the most common email services.


After entering the necessary data, click OK. Once connected, the message The account has been successfully connected appears on the screen.

The new account and its settings will be displayed on the Navigation bar.

To delete an account, click Delete account in the personal settings section.

An image can be added for a new account, which will be automatically displayed as an avatar in messages sent and received from a user with this account. Uploading/changing/deleting a photo displayed as an avatar in the same way as adding an avatar for the main user.

To return to the main page of MyOffice Mail, MyOffice Calendar or MyOffice Contacts, click the button of the required application at the bottom of the Navigation bar:

10 Mail: To go to MyOffice Mail

11 Calendar: To go to MyOffice Calendar

12 Contacts: To go to MyOffice Contacts

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